Sunday, February 8, 2009

sorry we havent put anything up lately! its all been happening so fast with such little time...
our first show in london was amazing -- here's a picture from that....

and we did manage to go to stonehenge -- here's a photo that chris took of us:::

...and here's chris explaining that 2/3 of stonehenge is underground as well as our actual view of stonehenge!!

in nottingham we had to buy new bass strings because i broke a string at our first show in london--- and along the way we found MARYLAND [FRIED] CHICKEN so we took a cool as ice cream picture of that.... its weird there's no maryland fried chickens in baltimore... just new york fried chicken....

we couldnt bring our tshirts because we were afraid of customs but chris at upset the rhythm helped us design and order these tshirts from a company in nottingham and they look like this --- we ordered them and received them in TWO DAYS!!!! one is in "white" and the other is "kiwi"...

we also went to a buffet place kinda like golden corral, but it was called taybarn's... it was packed full of so much rad foood and we ate ALL OF IT... this is a snap of us right after we ate there...((( LOOK AT HOW HAPPY WE ARE!!)))

last night we played in manchester --- before we went to the venue, we went to Salford Lads Club where the smiths did their infamous photo shoot... so obviously we took some photos there... this is one of them::

Upstairs at the venue (Islington Mill) there was a nice toilet and a perfectly tuned piano... we recorded a sweet "unplugged" session in that room comprised of "the happiness of being twice," "tin man," "long flight," and "pinnochio" -- we will release these recordings in some form or another at some point... the show was really cool and this is what it looked like:


  1. Hit me up when you get the test pressings of that Unplugged session, lads. Can't wait to jizz all over 'em.

  2. Is he even going to listen to it first? or just immediately jizz on it?

  3. Hey, is there a way to buy the albums from you guys? I'm in Poland and I really don't like Amazon, but if I have to ship from overseas I'd much rather support you directly.

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  5. Saw your show at the Vera Project & enjoyed it, very memorable. I blogged about it with some video here: